GOTA 91: BEFORE THE FLOOD #DíaMundialDelMedioAmbiente2019

El grupo 1º B de Bachillerato ha visto el documental Before the Flood de National Geographic con Leonardo Dicaprio en versión original. Han escrito sus opiniones sobre el mismo en inglés. Aquí está una pequeña muestra de ellas para conmemorar el día del medioambiente el 5 de junio. Intentamos concienciar sobre la necesidad de hacer un cambio importante en nuestros hábitos de consumo y en nuestros comportamientos medioambientales.

In my opinion, Governments should take immediate action to avoid the consequences of climate change. For example, it should be mandatory to recycle or to decrease the number of cars.

Paula Fernández

As in Spain there is a lot of sun and wind from the sea, it would be unreasonable not to take advantages of this natural resources. 
Doing good to nature we do good to ourselves.
The future is tomorrow but we must fight for it today.
If we reduce the purchase of products in plasti, the industry will reduce the production of this material.
Our existence on planet Earth is in our hands. Everything depends on you, on me, on everybody.
One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.

Kristina Didukh 

"If people think seriously about what we are doing with the planet, It will be very easy to reduce the pollution and the future of the world will be better".

Susana Gómez

One thing (we can do)to improve this situation is to travel on public transport instead of using our car. Also on my day-to-day life I should recycle and help cut down on carbon footprint.

We need to be proactive and speak up about the risk that are  threatening our survival. It is time to take a stand in order to preserve our beloved planet for our future generations.

Marta Sánchez Tudela
"I think that climate change is actually caused by human activity, because humans are the ones who kill animals and use plastics. Besides, we release CO2 into the atmosphere, which I think is the most damaging activity." 

Anabel Palacios 
If people recycled, stopped cutting the jungles to extract palm oil and stopped using fossil fuels, they would help the environment stop climate change and then the Earth would be a safe place where we could live taking advantage of renewable energies. 
Pablo Molina

Mª Catalina Martínez Cegarra, Profesora de Inglés

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